Master Bac+3, Bac+5 à Bruxelles en journalisme européen

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Master Bac+3, Bac+5 à Bruxelles en journalisme européen

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Pour ceux que ça intéresse, L'IHECS ( Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communication Sociales/ Bruxelles) offre un nouvel exécutive master d'un an en Journalisme européen. Les ateliers sont donnés en anglais mais les étudiants peuvent faire leurs productions médiatiques en français.
Pour rappel, en Belgique il n'y a pas de concours pour les Hautes écoles. L'IHECS est une Haute Ecole reconnue officiellement et une des meilleures en journalisme...

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European Journalists, an endangered species?

IHECS replies by setting up a new Executive master in European journalism – 1 year.

The 9th February 2010, the International Press Association wrote an article titled “Brussels deserves its watchdogs”. The article refers to the dangerously decreasing number of journalists based in Brussels. In Brussels, there are now less than 900 journalists compared to 38 000 civil servants working at the European Commission, around 15 000 lobbyists and 751 Member of the European Parliament. Democracy is therefore at risk! This comes as a surprise when a growing percentage of our national laws originate in European legislation. Sadly, this slow disappearance of Brussels-based correspondents is not compensated enough by national coverage of the European Union.

There are many reasons; the current economic situation has deeply weakened the media sector; covering EU affairs is a complex task; manoeuvres from the Commission to control the whole information flow etc. However, Brussels more than ever deserves its watchdogs! Despite what is widely claimed, citizens are interested in knowing more about the impact EU legislation has on their lives. Suffice to mention the public reaction to the “rosé” or the GMO potatoes! This translation from complex technical jargon into concrete and clear terms for citizens is the greatest challenge of EU reporting.

In reaction to this situation, IHECS, an official Brussels-based high school, has decided to open a daytime executive master in European Journalism from September onwards. The course is structured around project learning and multiple partnerships with European bodies.

Lessons will run until April 2011. In April, May and June students will have to complete their end-of-course assignments. The group will be divided into smaller groups of three students. They will have to produce a written investigative piece with photos/illustrations.

Highlights of the master:

- Workshops are given by recognised professional journalists from across Europe who combine first-class teaching with practical experience in the field.

- Small group of students (20)
- In the heart of Europe, close to EU institutions
- Contacts with stakeholders
- Numerous media projects
- In- the-field investigations
- Constant contact with professionals

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